Five years of motherhood. It is time to celebrate!

Let`s light up the candles! Tomorrow is the birthday of my daughter Princess Snow-Berry. 

That day, on December 23rd 2009, exactly five years ago, the snow fell heavily on the streets and our one hour-long ride to the hospital was a terrible adventure, the car was slipping on the unploughed highway, Slava was driving and I was squirming on the passenger seat. 

After 26 hours of contractions, throwing up, failed epidural (it went off the nerve and helped only "one side") and a lot of pain the most beautiful miracle of life happened. Princess Snow-Berry was born into the arms of Papa at Turku Hospital in Finland. We spend our first Christmas there, learning about each other and adjusting into this new kind life; I was a nervous first-time mother and she was---a brand new citizen of  the world--pink, cute and hungry for sweet milk.

What other present one could need in life? There is nothing more Santa could ever bring to me.

As of today, I have had five years to grow into motherhood. It is an art-form that I am still learning, but I hope that I can pass  to my daughter  some positiveness, security, honesty, creativity and  above all love, love and love.

Happy Birthday Princess Snow-Berry! 

IMG 2327

Princess Snowberry (4,5 years old here) during our contract in Valencia.

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