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August blues-the expressive veil

As the mid-August rays of sun still warm my faded porch, I cannot help but contemplate the past summer season. Our production concept Circus festival of Archipelago ran successfully  for the the third year--- we just closed the doors for the season. Shows were sold out, workshops full and audience happy. It was an incredible run with lovely,  talented cast and crew this year. But-- as we closed the season, instead of feeling happy, I seem to have gotten the blues, the August blues, the end blues, the separation blues.

In the circus as in real life, we create connections, we create friends and we create art for the joy of public.  Sometimes years will pass until we work together again with same cast and crew members, sometimes we never meet again.

To me, the strength of any creation comes from the need to express. Sometimes, stage can be the only place, where an artist can truly expose their feelings and emotions. Real life is more complicated and in a way,  more cruel as there is no stage light, no curtain, no make-up to cover ones true core. On the stage we can let loose all those hidden emotions and expressions such as  love, fantasy, pain and suffering. The audience interprets our art in the own way --there are millions of ways to interpret, but the important thing is that they feel with us, peek into our hearts, share with us sensitivity, a moment, tears and laughter.

At the moment, I am thankful of the past summer,  but--- now I must greet  September with reality potion in my cooler. How cruel the real life can be. How sweet the stage. Do you feel like this sometimes too?

Photo by Stefano Bottesi

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