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After the Circus Festival of Archipelago

How does it feel when our work of four years comes into conclusion? 

I am  alone at our brand new Circus Studio launched one month ago into full action: I am cleaning the kitchen, inventoring downstairs Cafe Trapeze, wiping the wooden floors, packing up the production costumes, make-up and props. I am still mesmerized how beautiful and well received Primadonna and Strongman show was. We got standing ovation eight times out of eight shows…We emploeyd six artists, one technician and two assistants for Cafe Trapeze during summer. We truly did it, we managed to reach the hearts of our audience with our art right here in Kustavi, Finland, next to cows and fields of hay.

In addition to the succesfull production, we had many visiting students from sourranding cities and communities. They came to get their circus training in our daily workshops. For sure, some these great students will perform professionally one day too. I can feel, that they got the spark! Wow!

We also offered workshops for men, pensioners and women with our new invention of circus fitness exercises. Our Aerial Dream Gym trained circus fitness for ladies of all ages including aerial acrobatics and wire walking. That was special too. People loved it!

If to measure success with numbers, in total we had about 1500 spectators and  200 workshop visitors during one month in Kustavi. It is really a lot compared to the size of our community. We outdid our  wildest expectations. 

At the moment, I feel empty, happy and sad at he same time. I am smiling with tears. 

Circus Festival of Archipelago in Kustavi will continue next July again with a new show production and workshops. Please visit us, if you have a chance. 


Primadonna and Strongman show with Slava Volkov and Pauliina Räsänen, photo by Joni Heinonen, Circus Festival of Archipelago 2015

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