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Working mother must remember to take her iron supplement

Pheew... What a week. I have definitely felt better and looked more appealing before, this face of mine, pale as  baby powder gazes at me from the mirror, my eyes giving me a way with a slightly yellow tint in the white. It happened so suddenly, that I could not see it coming, the drop in the iron, Isen levels.

Now  I must pay back the consequences of my little neglect in taking care of my own health. Happens so easily, when we have children, first the children  are sick and the parents. It does not matter, how much I sleep, I still feel fatigue and believe me, 12 shows a week is laborious. Pregnancy and postpartum are definitely the most strenuous experiences a woman goes through body-wisely, and while I have persevered with my training and performing, my  body has simply used up its iron storages. After all, one can only eat red meat as much, and we got no say in the canteen here.

So if you feel suddenly tired and unwell for no apparent reason, you might be low in red-cell supplies.  It is quite common condition in  young women, especially in the athletic field. 

Once I realized what my problem was, I run to the local pharmacy. I explained my problem to the pharmacists, and she replied to me in a stern manner:

"You are not allowed to take iron supplement without doctors consent."

I became so stunned at her rudeness, that I just batted my yellowish eyes in incredulity, screening options of my next step. Should I find a doctor to get vitamins?  Really? Should I call my mother to send me iron supplements from Finland? And then I thought, that everybody can order all kinds of drugs online,  and this should not be that hard.

Persistent by nature as I am, I decided to seek a second opinion and marched to the next apotheke on Zeil, held by Arabian immigrants. And there they were, my saviour orange and brown pills, Isen, just waiting for the clerk to hand them over to me with a broad smile. I returned her friendliness with beaming smile, relieved and light-hearted. 

Now I have to build the iron sources again, little by little, swallowing capsules, and I let the feel the energy floating back into my vains, if not tomorrow, but in the next couple of months or so. Hopefully, a change in environment after 12 days will work its marvels too.

Visa issues

Visa issues

After 144 sweaty performances on stage here in Frankfurt, our engagement is coming to its end, and we are getting preoccupied with bureaucratic administration preparing our next endeavor, a three months long contract with Valencian dance theater.  We read our e-mails, fretting and worrying, too many expressions lost in my survival level Spanish translations with the help of Google.

After a simple oatmeal breakfast at 9.00, feeling frustrated, I phone again Spanish Embassies Frankfurt and in Helsinki, determined to find out if we need visas or working permits in Spain.

Our Valencian producer just send me a page long e-mail in Spanish insisting about these permits, referring to their company lawyer, who has ordered us to apply these permits in Finland- he is worried about the slow-moving Spanish administration. I can relate to that dilemma, but a diploma in law does not make a lawyer an expert in immigration, because there is one major problem- the Spanish Embassies neither in Frankfurt nor in Helsinki do not issue such permits. They only concern about our authorized entries to the country, but since we are both EU residents we do need any entry visas and therefore their ambassadorial duties are done.

In the past, we have had to cancel several contracts due to visa and passport issues too. Along with the unpleasant situation, we have also valuable contacts, experiences and much money.  

Then on the bright side, if this contract will not eventually happen, we can finally have our postponed family vacation-perhaps a lovely visit  to relatives in Russia. Two years has already passed without seeing them.

To our disadvantage, after living abroad for 15 years, King still holds only Russian passport and Russian citizenship. Occasionally the iron gates reminds us of their existence, painfully dropping on his toes. When it comes to borders and territories, the unity of the world is forgotten, brotherhood just a term, borders guarded with barbed wire and guns. I believe the Russians apply more visas than any other country in this world. 

To our relief, after many, many lessons, marriage with a Finn and two kids, my King has finally passed his Finnish exam in November- I say this with proud in my voice. It is an essential step obtaining his Finnish citizenship, which is now waiting to be processed.  It is to be hoped that he will get his Finnish passport in July, and then I will be the only one left in the family, who does not have dual citizenship. King, Snowberry and prince Leonardo will  all be legal fusions between east and west, unified by blood-ties,  building bridges between two opposing cultures and mentalities. Let the next generation become better versions of ourselves with deeper understanding of our neighbors and let them bring peace and brotherhood back into the world. 

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