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How do we manage, you know, with the kids and all?

I’ve heard the question above dozens of times, now attempting to answer it, even shortly. To find a satisfactory, functional synthesis while working and having little ones scurrying around the tiny artist’s flat is the uttermost everyday challenge and no harmony is easily achieved.

Whilst some of our colleagues  may have a hard time comprehending our numerous refusals to non-obligatory social get-togethers such as dress shoppings, parties, movies or eating-outs, King and I are preoccupied how to lay the kids to bed on time, do we have enough time to do another load of laundry prior to the show, how come we got crumbs in our bedsheets again or does either one of us have time to at least wipe the yogurt spilled kitchen floor. As a reply we often hear, sometimes non-verbally  but  readable within body-language, the  already classic question: ‘How do you manage, you know with the kids an all?’

Just managing ourselves, excluding any dependancies, as a freelance artist and entrepreneurs is complicated; we must apply for  temporarily work permits, immigration visas, manage our taxes and irregular finances, and practice exhaustively each day to maintain high-level performances.

Since we took the inborn procreative step, we now carry the full responsibility of the well-being, the education, and the pass-time activities of our juniors. Perhaps, one of the hardest way into parenthood was growing out of the juvenile self-absorption and  facing the complete dependability while breastfeeding an infant. When I selected swinging trapeze as my major in the circus school, I wanted to travel far and fly free above the clouds. After childbirth, my celestial fantasies were perturbed. But after awhile, I climbed up again, and loved the swing, if possible even more.

When I doubted my path, I had to remind myself of my grandmother with her wrinkled features appearing a decade older than she actually was. In the middle of the darkest Finnish winter, at -30 degree Celsius, she carried drinking water from the well, milked cows until their stopped producing and knitted sweaters for her five sons and one daughter. Life was not about complications, it was about survival.

I guess  I am trying to say, that even with my lost freedom, I won something else; I discovered true happiness in the small everyday things: sipping take-out cappuccino on the park bench while the children hop about a see-saw. In these short-lived moments, we remind ourselves about our greatest blessing, circus achievements aside, we have two healthy, amazing children with whom we can share our life, pass on our knowledge, support them, guide them and enjoy life with them. No day goes by without our laughing at their clever bêtises. We feel thankful.

Of course, we have had to let go of several things, some with more resistance. We definitely cannot sleep until noon anymore, we are lucky to sleep through the night. As in many things in life, the matter in between matters the most.  At  all times, we try to stay healthy both in mind and in body. No drinking, no smoking and late-night amusements with care. Only sometimes prior to day off,  we allow ourselves to catch a late movie, but even that can cause fatigue, because at 7 am Prince Leonardo, having the smallest stomach but great appetite, crawls out  of bed ready for breakfast. King´s  breakfast preparations are  kept minimal; oatmeal and one small pot of coffee for the elders. Since I am the Princess, and  after one a half year of waking up  several times at night, I get to sleep longer until about 9 am. I just love the slow mornings.

In addition to our stage material (80 kg of trapeze bars, ropes and wires), costumes and requisite, our traveling essentials consists of  the needs  of  our 19 months old and  four year-old energy-packages.  King and I have had to diminish our belongings and clothing's to  a minimum of one set of clothes each, as we now  fill up  yellow Delsey’s with numerous baby articles, rubber pants, toddler sandals, legos, fairytale books, drawing materials, potties, stuffed ponies, baby-wipes, diapers, not forgetting the extra baggages: two baby seats and a faded twin baby stroller.

We are truly a traveling circus family, famille de saltimbanques, as in the golden era, just instead of a wagon, we got Volkswagen. With our red and blue company stickers, the resemblance is evident.


Circus Princess's First Post

Hello World!

This is my introductory blog entry of  the  Circus Princess Blog. And yes, I am the main voice bellowing from the castle- ha. So here I am! 

Unfortunately, my origins are more humble than my carefully selected blog name stands for. I have no blue blood in my veins,  quite the opposite being born in the middle-class suburbs of Tampere, an industrial mid-sized city located in Midwestern Finland. No monarchs rule there,  just a somewhat powerless president.

Even though my childhood home was not a castle, my fantasies were nourished by a lush forest next door providing endless possibilities of  new diversions including James, my best-friend. He and I would always daydream, concoct stories, and engage into monkeys-in-a-circus, or prince-saves-princess-dragon-warrior games, all without the help of x-boxes. Perhaps, because of these daily escapades, my belief in fairy-tales, moominvalleys and happily-ever-afters grew strong. I still LOVE fairy-tales and dreaming! And circus!

Why did I choose the name Circus Princess? For its versatily. I think we are all princesses in our own lives, we take risks and stand behind our actions, we balance between work and family in the contemporary, hectic world following our biological urges of procreation but also adjusting into the socioeconomic patterns by creating careers.

To become a real princess was the ultimate desire of my generation, just like our closest neighbor Victoria Ingrid Alice Desiree, apparent heiress to the Swedish Crone, Princess Victoria.  The truth is I am still trying to learn, that true happiness lies in our own hearts and there is no need for actual coronation. 

Well, and the first part of the title,  the Circus is obvious. I fell in love with the circus world,  the exciting acrobatics, aesthetic aerial performances and the theatrical twists of the new circus shows. At the fragile age of 14, I managed to catch a show of  Cirque du Soleil's Alegria. It blew me away. At 22  I landed a role there as the Principal Trapeze Princess playing all over Europe, Japan and America. Dream fulfilled! Sort of coronation.

I have performed as a professional artist for over 15 years in many prestige venues, cultures and countriees. I will portray in my blog, what kind of life I lead as an international circus performer. I am open to share and give advices based on my experiences for all readers. Just contact me by filling out the contact form or write a facebook comment. Sometimes, I will invite my colleagues, other  swordswallowing-aerial-yoga-juggler-dancer-producers and performers to scribble entires as guest stars, but mostly I will reign here.

Now we, and by 'we' I mean the  King  and I, (I am sure you decipehered immeadiately who is the King) and our two heirs,  Prince Leonardo, 1.5 years old,  full-of zeal little  dragon-fighter, and Princess Saaga Snow-Berry, 4 , equally zealous  ladybug-in-waiting. We have committed to stay two more months in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Guten Tag. Pretzels, coffee, parks plus 12 shows a week.

One year ago, we signed a special contract  here with the 25th Jubileum show of the Tigerpalast Variety -Egalite, Liberte-Variete! Every night this exquisite  house fills with a couple hundred intimate guests attending our live performance and for this short moment we share our art with them evoking happiness, maybe not for ever after, but at least for today, for one fleeting moment.

Hertzligh Willkommen!

P.S I will normally publish on Mondays because that is my day off and the day when the wireless catches the best signal.

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