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Celebration of Courage & Creativity

Slava and I feel  honoured and touched, because we have been recognised by our regional government for pursuing circus and variety related cultural activities in South-Western Finland.

Last December we received the Aurora-Medal issued by Finland`s South-Western Regional Council and just after that we received the Travel Oscar issued by Visit Turku  in January. The awards were given due to our persistant, high-level and  skillful work in the cultural field, but above also because of personality traits:  courage and creativity—and a bit of charm too.

Yet--I must say that we have been  working especially hard during the  last few years to build our ambitions and wild dreams concrete; we have taken some huge risks both financially and mentally. We were really the pioneer entrepreneurs in the new circus field in Finland when we started in 2008—now we finally have our own space with many all-year-round activities. But it has been a long,  a very long  climb up the Jack and Jill’s hill.

Sometimes we have succeeded better and sometimes we have failed, but more important than winning or succeeding has been the process and the learning curve. All of our winnings and troubles  have also brought us one step closer to our goals.  

The growth has been painful, we have lost many a night of sleep due to some hardships. But as the seasonal influenca H1N1-virus stole all my force and strenght two weeks ago, it forced me to vue life from a different perspective— The flu finally passed leaving me ashen white and weak but grateful of today. After the pain, the sweetness of life tastes so much richier. And even after the hardships, the strength flows back, the creativity flows back.

With that said, staying true to your heart and vision with high ethics matter. Sometimes, someone else will recognize your work too. We  do love that!

To strenght and courage! Thank you all of our supporters!

ArtTeatro, Matkailun Oskari. Palkitut 2016

Pauliina and Slava at Travel Oscar Ceremony 8.1.2016 with  Dali-collector and gallerist Ted Wallin

ArtTeatro, Matkailun Oskari. Paperia ilmassa

Photos by Lasse Lähteenmäki

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