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Building a Dream- might turn into a Building Nightmere

In the last two months, Slava, (my lovely husband) has been exercising a new profession as a construction worker-the work is paying off; he is a true master of the hands-- in hand to hand and in hand to hammer!

Our Circus Studio is  finally coming along.  We had a major  set back with our main contractor, a Finnish building company, who measured our windows wrong (they were from 17cm to 25cm smaller than the actual holes and they claimed that the windows were correct for their purpose-no mistake at all…). We had no choice, but to terminate our contract with them and check all the other work they had done-- in general, the quality of the work was unacceptable, for example, they had build a mis-shaped roof-top on top a wrong door as opposed to the blue prints. Wanted or not, we have been in the middle of a major drama, lawyers, stress, lost energy,  lost resources and lost time.  Show-business drama!  What have  I learned from this? That building is  whole other culture.

Having said all that above:  We will be all done by the end of May to open up in June just intime for the summer touristic season. We are planning to create shows, hold workshops and instruct circus fitness-training.

In our space, we will have a full training and show space with 9 meters (35feet) of height for aerial work. Downstairs we have two dressing rooms, bathrooms, artists residency and Cafe Trapeze, which menu we are designing now. The building itself is a beauty: it is made from hand-carved logs by Estonian manufacturer. Soon enought, you can come visit us and enjoy circus activities!


Here is a photo of the infamous "correctly measured window". I am sure we would freeze in our leotards with all  the extra air leaking in.

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