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New Year- Changing Gear?

As New Year has turned, I have changed location to Berlin. Berlin. Zest. Creativity. Hardcore. Whatever one might need or want or ever desire--can be found in Berlin. In two weeks will premiere our Petrushka show, produced by Berlin Komishce Oper and created by 1927-- an extraordinary creative team from London. For me, this rehearsal process has been most fun and pleasant—I could describe it as a sort of creative break focusing on only improving performance aestethics and learning new type of stage acting skills. So, all of you, come see us in Berlin Komische Oper and let Berlin seduce you as it did seduce me. Not a fan of Stravinsky? Do not worry, our splendid skills and live symphony orchestra will melt all antipathy.

At the same, while I am here, we had an enourmous honour to receive international bloggers at our CircusStudio in Kustavi. The visit was organized by VisitTurku. Our circus school students  and our adult circus fitness trainers truly excelled to create a heart-warming performance for the bloggers—some of them even climbed up on the trapeze! Sadly but at the same time happily, I  was able to participat this event long-distance by watching their performance videos  at whatsapp with pride. 

Sometimes—one can let out a  simple sigh and  know that  we have done something right. In this world of greed and competition, recognition might be difficult to obtain.  With true reflection on ones emotions, on a day as today, I feel grateful and esteemed. 

I believe that live art as it best is shared with everyone, experiencing both onstage and offstage are equally important. Have look at our great circus ladies!

ArtTeatro Circus Fitness

ArtTeatro’s Circus Fitness Ladies! Well done! 

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