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Homecoming 2016

We spend a simple family vacation just at our home in Archipelago of Kustavi, Finland.  I believe the word home has many meanings in circus life: in can mean your home as a building, your home as a country,  but we can be at home on tour as well.

Home is also a state of mind.  When we travel a lot, we try to find home everywhere we stay at. Some places where we perform  feel at home too—even to the state that sometimes artists do not want to leave their work places.  We try to return this  favour, when our artists friends visit our company’s productions too. We try to make them feel at home with our extended family.

For me, the ultimate meaning of home is being with my little family—little Snow-Berry, Leo and Slava. This is my home in it is bearest form. With the three members we feel at home no matter where we are located. Without them, even being at  our physical home is not homely.

Sometimes our  job related contrats takes us apart: everytime  it breaks my heart to leave my little ones to our grandparents care. But the render-vous is more appreciated, sweeter and greater, once we have felt the distance in our hearts and in our bodies. We can feel a true homecoming.

With that said, I wish all my travelling friends and families who stay apart due to work reasons to feel at home atleast in their hearts.

Happy New Year friends at home, abroad and somewhere in the state between!


Slava and Princess Snow-Berry at Kustavi’s Circus Studio.

Photo by Stefano Bottesi 2015.

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