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At early age, Finnish-born Pauliina Rasanen,  was swept away with ballet, gymnastics and  circus arts. Her passion for performance arts let her into studies across Atlantic at the reknown National Circus School of Montreal. Since then, her trapeze and duo acrobatic acts took wing  and led into performances in  Asia, Europe and America. She has been living in three different continents and balancing between her work and her  family life.

Pauliina is married with World Champion Acrobat Slava Volkov, and their stunning acrobatic and aerial work has led into engagements with Cirque du Soleil, Eurovision, many Cabarets in Germany and even movies, such as Silent Sonata. In 2008, they formed their own production company, ArtTeatro and created a high-level circus and variety show called Cirque Dracula.

Pauliina and Slava have been blessed to become  happy parents of two children, Circus Princess  Saaga and Prince Leo. These two little stars now fill out each day with their bursts of joy, temper tantrums and their own special philosophy and essensial needs.

After giving out two births, Pauliina, with the help of her husband, trained hard to get back into her performance shape and managed to drop all the baby fat.

Find out how the family finds balance in an unconventional profession, adjusts into new places and  try to catch their show whenever they are nearby at your place.

Come back often!

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